self sabotage

What’s going on?

As humans, we’re very good at lying to ourselves in order to justify our beliefs and behaviours. But believing our own lies can be bad for our health – which is why HeadUp doesn’t let you do it.

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HeadUp: health for everyone.

I completed another lap around the sun this month. The world has changed a lot in the last 47 years, we’ve created a world that makes it hard for us to be healthy. If you have time and money – it’s easier. But health should be for everyone – regardless of social status.

Flight card

A New Year’s ResolUtion – PART 1

Flying home from Sydney last week, I found myself listening to the safety announcement made on every airliner in the world. I must have heard it hundreds of times, but I’ve never really taken it in properly. The part I happened to tune in to was:

Heart christmas candy cane

Heart attacks at Christmas

What do you get when you put Uncle Baz, Aunt Meryl, several cousins, 70kg of prawns, a double-decker Pav, and a heated political discussion in the same room? Christmas. And according to some studies – an increased risk of a heart attack.